Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! Below we answer most of our most Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does the purchase include the sneaker, or just the art? 

Purchases include everything! What you see is what you get. 


2. Will the paint crack or run eventually?

All designs are made with acrylic on top of canvas or leather (depending on the sneaker). Acrylic is the strongest paint in the market, it practically leaves a permanent stain wherever is applied. The paint will not run; however, cracks will depend on the usage and care the customer gives the sneaker.


3. Is the paint water proof? 

Hand wash is highly recommended. Do not rub or press hardly with wet surfaces on the paint areas. Finishing coats are applied to the sneaker. The coatings protect the sneakers from water and dust. 


4. How long orders take to ship? 

Please keep in mind all sneakers are handcrafted and they are all made precisely to fulfill the customer's wishes. Please allow approximately 3-5 weeks for orders to be made. The shipping time is additional to the production time. If your order has not shipped after 5 weeks, friendly contact the store. 


5. "I paid an Express shipping rate and my order has not shipped after x-amount of time." 

Please refer to question #4 for this answer. 

Also, keep in mind that shipping rates are charged directly by our carriers— USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Because of this, all shipping rates are nonrefundable. 


6. How can I design my own pair of sneakers? 

For information and purchasing of custom sneakers please contact the store via our social media accounts or email. 

Instagram: @madsprt 

Facebook: MadSpirit Official 


7. How long do custom sneakers take to ship? 

Custom sneakers are designed and made one-of-a-kind for the customers. They take approximately 2 months to ship. Creation process is accounted for in the 2 months. 


8. What is the return and exchange policy? 

Every sneaker is handmade unique for the customer. Because of this, we ask and encourage our customers to double check their sizes prior to ordering. Refer to our Customer Care: Returns + Exchanges  page for more information. 


For any further questions, please feel free to contact us!