Much love to @madsprt for these Bajito & Pa Qué Me Invitan custom UpTowns. This is 🔥.
Jencarlos Canela in Los Angeles, CA
I don't take my hoodie off, it's too comfortable! Literally all day every day! ❤️
Sofia Martinez in San Juan, PR
Quiero que sepan que un montón de personas me han preguntado por los tenis & que a todos les encantan. Están dementes, gracias! 💗
Jazmyne Joy in Aguadilla, PR
Hi! I saw the mail man on my neighborhood and asked for my package and he had it. So I have the sneakers finally. They’re gorgeous thank you so so muchhhh!!!!
Valeria del Mar Colón in Ponce, PR
Me encantan, me encantan, me encantan mis tenis! Gracias mil!
María José Rodriguez in San Juan, PR
The "Chloé" Sneakers are my newest obsession!
Gabriela Quiñones in San Juan, PR