About Us

Based between San Juan, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida, Mad Spirit was born from a desire of creating wearable art. The brand’s founder Chrizia Feliciano-Bengoa began exploring this idea by customizing friends’ sneakers back in 2017. Her brother provided her with inspiration as he was a “sneaker junkie.” She wanted to merge meaning with abstraction; high fashion and streetwear.

After a social media post about her creations, she started receiving new requests for personalized sneakers outside her circle. Going through a process of self-exploration and understanding what the brand is meant to stand for, the sneaker designs turned to the iconic Air Force 1’s due to their versatility. The website launched in May 2018. The first official collection “Dark but Happy” came out during Fall/Winter 2019.

Mad Spirit’s collections include more than just customized sneakers. We want to reflect what is personally meaningful to you through statement pieces. There is a strong commitment to create wearable art that appeals to everyone’s individual style. 

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